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CpgKooiWYAATbd9Are DEET insect repellents safe to use during pregnancy?:

Vogel said she understands the fear pregnant women may have about using chemicals to try to prevent he mosquito bites that spread Zika, but she says the repellents are “safe for use by all populations, including pregnant women: Read more



npr_pregnant_rx_wide-4c3a3b48c64c7c0b47dc4ef29b08a1345e7b67ec-s800-c85When Pregnant Women Need Medicine, They Encounter A Void:

One of the drugs Mottola was taking, a chemotherapy drug called 6-mercaptopurine, has shown some signs it could cause problems including birth defects and preterm birth. The other, the immune system suppressant infliximab, hadn’t been studied enough in humans to know what would happen. “It made me extremely nervous,” says Mottola: Read more



pregnant-woman-with-pink-bowChemo drug in pregnancy may cause early menopause in daughters:

The purpose of the research was to examine the effect of etoposide on germ cells in the developing ovary. The reproductive lifespan of a female is determined before birth – during the second and third trimesters – when female germ cells form structures called follicles that determine how many eggs a woman will be able to release in her lifetime: Read more



a-pregnant-woman-holding-a-slice-of-cakeHigh-fat diet in pregnancy reduces beneficial gut microbiota for offspring:

The team found that children born to mothers with a higher daily fat intake during pregnancy had fewer Bacteroides in their guts than those born to mothers with a lower daily fat intake in pregnancy, which may have poor consequences for health and development: Read more



Babyscripts-photoBabyscripts Aims To Revolutionize Prenatal Care In The U.S.:

A practice or clinic must agree to use the platform, and then low-risk patients interested in using it receive a “Mommy Kit” with a WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff and weight scale. The app directs patients to take their blood pressure and weigh in regularly so that issues such as high blood pressure or too much weight gain can be identified earlier, not just when a woman shows up for her monthly prenatal appointment: Read more