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Kaiser Health NewsElderly Patients In The Hospital Need To Keep Moving:

Staff members try to disabuse patients of the idea that they are there to rest. “People walk in the door of a hospital and think it’s OK to stay in a bed. It’s not,” said Middlebrooks. Andres Viles, a nurse coordinator, said nurses at other hospitals are often so busy administering medications and tending to wounds that they don’t make time to walk with their charges. The emphasis on patient mobility is “a culture change” for most hospitals, he said: Read more


geriatric-er-9-e1471906446311Geriatric ERs Reduce Stress, Medical Risks For Elderly Patients:

The staff in these specialized ERs collaborate closely not only to treat the seniors’ immediate health problems but also to reduce their risk of confusion, bed sores and over-medication. Senior ERs are designed to be more quiet and tranquil. Geriatric ERs have the potential to lower health care costs because staff can more carefully discern who needs to be admitted and who can be cared for outside of hospital walls, Hwang and others said. That tends to reduce hospitalizations among the elderly: Read more


calcium-supplement-on-tableDementia risk increased with calcium supplements in certain women:

Calcium supplements may increase the risk of developing dementia in senior women with cerebrovascular disease, finds a study published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology: Read more




la-1470096172-snap-photoSenior citizens rarely consult Dr. Google for medical advice, study says:

A report published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Assn. found that only about 18% of participants in the National Health and Aging Trends Study got health information online in 2014. That pales in comparison with the approximately 60% of adults of all ages who have told the Pew Research Center that they consult Dr. Google at least once a year — including the 35% who said they rely on the Web to diagnose their own ailments or the maladies of people they know: Read more


nurse-with-man-78531096-600x373Today’s Tech Items That Are Helping Caregivers:

There are many useful caregiver products and gadgets that can make day-to-day life easier and safer for seniors and disabled loved ones, thereby easing the burden and stress that many caregivers endure. Following are a few of the best tech items and medical supplies for elderly care and disabled care you may want to consider: Read more