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image.img.320.highPhysician advice to patients on e-cigarettes varies, reveals knowledge gaps:

If you ask two different doctors about e-cigarettes, you might get two different answers. Whether you want to know about the safety of the devices — which create an inhalable aerosol from heated liquid nicotine and flavoring — or how to use them to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, physicians range greatly in their responses to patients: Read more


lklein_0Unproven claims run rampant in e-cigarette business:

Now that electronic devices fall under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, manufacturers will have to submit applications to the FDA, which must review and authorize health-related claims. But researchers from The Ohio State University say that prior to this new regulation, many unproven health claims have been circulating and that misinformation could have a lingering effect on consumers. And they emphasize the importance of the FDA now working consistently to prevent unapproved health claims: Read more


A man smokes an electronic cigarette vaporizer, also known as an e-cigarette, in TorontoLow cost, flavors, convenience turn teens on to vaping: study:

Young people try electronic cigarettes out of curiosity about the devices and alluring flavors that range from cotton candy to pizza, but keep vaping because of their low cost, according to a study released on Monday. The report published in the medical journal Pediatrics found that some of the reasons prompting teenagers to try the battery-operated devices, which heat liquids typically laced with nicotine to deliver vapor, help to predict ongoing use: Read more


636061641611764670-ecigarettesIt’s about to get a lot harder for minors to vape:

Vape shops cannot give free samples to customers or sell to people younger than 18, under the new regulations. Merchants will be required to ask for identification from customers who appear to be under the age of 27. And vending machine sales of e-cigarettes are prohibited unless the machines are in adult-only facilities: Read more



image.axdSmokers who switch to vaping may have fewer respiratory infections, study reveals:

“The study needs to be interpreted with caution because it is based on self-reported data, and further studies using objective measures are needed. However, the present results provide sufficient information to suggest that vaping does not increase infection rates and may in fact lead to a decrease in infections.”: Read more