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Mylan-EpiPen-83dbdWhy Mylan’s ‘savings card’ won’t make EpiPen cheaper for all patients:

“These don’t actually do anything about the price itself, because the high price is still being paid by the insurer, which then ends up being reflected in increasing premiums,” Kesselheim said. “This is not a public health solution.”: Read more



gettyimages-594875768Cheaper “do-it-yourself” alternative to EpiPen may be risky:

So some people are turning to a more budget-friendly method of treatment that some paramedics have relied upon for a while: a traditional syringe and a vial of epinephrine. The cost is about $20 – $15 for a syringe and $5 for a vial or two of the drug. Both can be purchased through local pharmacies if you have a doctor’s prescription: Read more


epipensEpiPens And 5 Other Medications You Shouldn’t Buy On eBay:

Purchasing and selling prescription medications on eBay has been a practice for almost a decade now. It’s a federal crime to resell or distribute controlled substances like opioids or psychoactive drugs; EpiPens, however, fall into the category of drugs that require a prescription but are excluded from the DEA’s Controlled Substances list: Read more


30epipenessayart-master315How 12 EpiPens Saved My Life:

People who use EpiPens wish we had more choices. EpiPens can’t be left in a hot car. The instructions are in a tiny font, and it’s not uncommon, during a stressful allergic reaction, for people to misuse the injector (just ask my summer camp nurse). It expires every 12 to 18 months, necessitating a costly renewal again and again: Read more



epipen-2-f20dc2ae348b59dc372a027997c96cddc054a4ae-s800-c85Discounts Aren’t Enough to Halt Outrage At High EpiPen Prices:

Blumenthal says a solution could require new laws. “At the end of the day there may need to be stronger legal protections against these types of price gouging and profiteering at the expense of people who need a lifesaving drug where the company has a stranglehold on the market,” he says: Read more