Top News: #Autism

Here are the top read news for #Autism:

McCrae-ChristinaCognitive Behavior Therapy Could be Key for Children with Autism Getting Enough Sleep:

“Sleep problems for any child, but especially children with ASD, may cause issues in behavior and mood as well as impact learning abilities,” said Christina McCrae, professor of health psychology in the School of Health Professions and director of the Mizzou Sleep Research Lab. “In treating insomnia and other behavioral sleep issues, I have found that there is no substitute for cognitive behavioral therapy; yet, it is still unclear how to best use such therapy for children with ASD who struggle with communication.”: Read more


lead_960Is the Most Common Therapy for Autism Cruel?:

“Applied behavioral analysis” teaches social skills through unrelenting drills—which some say forces people on the spectrum to hide who they are: Read more




E02E6A62-66A9-439F-9A1153D3EBE99ADBAn Auditory Component to Autism:

New evidence suggests people with autism can recognize feelings and other traits of humanness in voices as well as—or even better than—neurotypical people do: Read more





clasp-family-bannerPersonalised wearable tech can help adults diagnosed with autism manage anxiety:

Researchers noticed that people diagnosed with autism have a tendency to play with things in their hands when they are anxious and wanted to digitise this activity. The idea for a wristband came up in the study’s workshops: Read more




imeeege.axdDiabetes drug linked to decreased weight gain in children with autism spectrum disorder:

The diabetes medication metformin hydrochloride was associated with decreased weight gain in a small clinical trial of children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder who were taking atypical antipsychotics to treat symptoms of irritability and agitation, according to an article published online by JAMA Psychiatry: Read more