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960x0Let’s Take A Look At That Autism-Ultrasound Link:

Ultrasounds have not been shown to cause autism. First, this is a mathematical link. This paper, by Sarah Jane Webb and colleagues and published in Autism Research, does not show that ultrasounds cause autism.This paper’s findings relate only to first-trimester diagnostic ultrasounds. Second, these results are about diagnostic ultrasound in the first trimester: Read more


steroids-for-treating-infertility-in-women-may-have-harmful-effects-on-pregnancy-and-childSteroids for treating infertility in women may have harmful effects on pregnancy and child:

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are urging doctors and patients to refrain from using a specific steroid treatment to treat infertility in women unless clinically indicated, because of its links to miscarriage, preterm birth and birth defects. Writing in the journal Human Reproduction, researchers from the University’s Robinson Research Institute, led by Professor Sarah Robertson, say widespread use of the drug is not warranted, given there is a high degree of suspicion that corticosteroid drugs – such as prednisolone – can interfere with embryo implantation, and may have harmful effects on pregnancy and the child: Read more


537527-0-w-x-0-h-none-13995Antibiotics During Pregnancy: Certain Drugs May Cause More Harm Than Others:

Obstetrics-gynecology care providers are regularly faced with the dilemma of prescribing antibiotics to pregnant women as there are some studies that show links between the use of antibiotics during pregnancy and complications during and after birth. In situations like these, the potential benefits of the antibiotic need to be weighed against the risk it poses to the fetus. It is also important to factor in the dosage and the duration of the medication: Read more


pregnant-woman-speaking-with-doctorPregnancy: Antipsychotic use does not increase the risk of birth defects:

New research from Brigham Women’s Hospital – in Boston, MA – of 1.3 million women suggests that antipsychotic medication use during pregnancy does not significantly increase the risk of birth defects overall, or cardiac malformations in particular: Read more



potandpregnancy_custom-2a8cb5a8fade7bf23c05e4a3a90084dfd04f54d0-s800-c85Pot And Pregnancy: No Harm Seen At Birth, But Many Questions Remain:

In other words, from the available evidence it seems that the risk surrounding birth is from tobacco use and other factors, not from the marijuana itself. Conner emphasizes that message is still clear: Don’t use pot when you’re pregnant. “Any foreign substance that doesn’t directly benefit maternal or fetal health should be avoided,” she says: Read more