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1071497_child-ear-examination-16Antibiotic gel crosses eardrum to treat middle ear infections:

Ralph Holme, head of biomedical research at charity Action on Hearing Loss, says that persistent middle ear infections in children can lead to hearing loss, often at a crucial time of development when they are learning to speak. “Currently, the treatments available are not always effective which is why we support research to find better ways to treat this prevalent condition,” says Holme. “To be able to deliver sustained levels of antibiotic directly to the middle ear without the need for invasive injections through the eardrum could really revolutionise the way we treat middle ear problems.”: Read more


fb5f8a60-701f-4e65-a3ba1884b331ff08Can You Hear Me Now? Detecting Hidden Hearing Loss in Young People:

Damage to our hearing, however, actually starts long before our hair cells are affected, research suggests. First there is damage to the fibers in the auditory nerve that connect to hair cells and help us hear in noisy environments—hence the “hidden” in hidden hearing loss. This phenomenon remained obscure for so long because an audiogram administered in a quiet room does not activate these auditory nerve fibers, which means patients can pass a hearing test even when the fibers have been damaged: Read more


resound-alera-small-wireless-digital-hearing-aidHearing Loss Linked To Cancer Treatment:

A new study completed by two Indiana researchers finds a significant link between a certain type of cancer treatment and hearing loss.  The aim of the study, which is the largest of its kind, is to improve quality of life for cancer survivors who may have negative side effects from their treatment. Four hundred eighty-eight testicular cancer survivors who received cisplatin-based chemotherapy were studied for levels of hearing loss. Dr. Lois Travis is a researcher and professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the IU Simon Cancer Center, who led the study, and she says hearing loss became worse with bigger doses of the treatment: Read more


isaacson-1-bodySkull base surgeons help pioneer method of extracting tumors from ear canal:

Acoustic neuroma is a rare benign tumor involving the hearing and balance nerve that can cause severe hearing loss, dizziness, or vertigo, affecting fewer than 4 out of every 100,000 people, according to the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States. Untreated tumors can grow, causing deafness in the affected ear and in rare cases be fatal. The slow-growing acoustic neuromas are typically managed through periodic monitoring with MRI, radiation or surgery that has traditionally involved removing large amounts of bone from the skull around the ear: Read more


istock_41842954_large1471019281Ear-tube surgery may not solve all hearing problems:

Children with hearing loss who get ear-tube surgery to address chronic ear infections may need tests to see whether their hearing improves, a study suggests. When kids get an infection, fluid can build up in the middle ear, making it difficult for them to hear and potentially impairing speech and language development, said lead study author Kenneth R. Whittemore Jr., a researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital: Read more