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shutterstock_324566462Sharing medications happens more often than we think:

Women were more likely to share than men, and college students also shared frequently. Among older individuals, sharing was less frequent but carries the risk of polypharmacy and adverse drug interactions. Almost all classes of medications were reported to be shared, including genitourinary drugs (although no specific mention of PDE-5 inhibitors such as sildenafil, tadalafil or vardenafil was noted): Read more


pharmacist-at-counterUnused dental surgery prescriptions may help fuel opioid epidemic:

The vast majority of patients (93 percent) did not have post-surgery complications. On average, after 3 weeks, these patients had only used 13 out of the 28 opioid pills prescribed, leaving a total of over 1,000 unused pills. Only five of the patients used all their prescribed opioids: Read more


la-1472678010-snap-photoFDA orders stronger warnings about risk of using opioid painkillers with certain anti-anxiety drugs:

The Food and Drug Administration is issuing strong new warnings that the combined use of opioid medications and benzodiazepines, a class of anti-anxiety medications better known by such commercial names as Xanax and Ativan, can dangerously suppress breathing and cause coma or death. The drug safety agency is recommending that physicians take extra care in prescribing medication regimens that mix the two classes of drugs. And it is alerting people who use — or abuse — such drugs to the “serious risks” of taking them together: Read more


160919144543_1_540x360Codeine too risky for kids, experts say, urging restrictions on use:

Experts are urging parents and health providers to stop giving codeine to children, calling for more education about its risks and restrictions on its use in patients under age 18. They say that there is a continued use of the drug in pediatric settings despite growing evidence linking the common painkiller to life-threatening or fatal breathing reactions: Read more


_91221434_c0174771-st_john_s_wort-spl-1St John’s Wort ‘stops emergency contraceptive pill working’:

Women taking an emergency contraceptive pill containing levonorgestrel are being advised to check the ingredients of other medicines they are taking because they could stop the pill working: Read more