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_91506565_de48-1The hidden trauma of being torn during childbirth:

The problem of women being injured in childbirth has for years been exacerbated by poor diagnosis, improper care and an unwillingness to speak about the issue, experts say. Two women, who have suffered both physically and psychologically, want to change this: Read more




shutterstock_263110772The hospital with a high episiotomy rate:

It is troublesome to see any physicians with high episiotomy rates, as the procedure is not necessary for the majority of vaginal births. Purported benefits of episiotomy include less severe perineal lacerations, easier laceration repair, better wound healing, and preservation of the pelvic floor support by preventing a spontaneous, irregular laceration. Data, however, does not support this: Read more



Lu Libing's wife, Mu, poses for pictures during an interview with Reuters at their home in GanzhouToo Afraid to Have a Baby:

Tokophobia—a pathological dread of giving birth—might be causing some women to avoid pregnancy: Read more





pregnant-woman-having-a-check-upOptimal delivery for twins is 37 weeks’ gestation, new study finds:

In uncomplicated twin pregnancies, delivery should be considered at 37 weeks of gestation in order to minimize risk of stillbirths and newborn deaths. Where there is only one placenta, delivery should be considered at 36 weeks: Read more



the-perfect-birth-plan-can-change-and-it-often-does_1The perfect birth plan can change. And it often does.:

My motto is “happy mom, healthy baby.” Our commitment to you is so much greater than a list with check boxes. We won’t always get to the destination exactly as either of us had planned.  In the end, though, if your new family gets there safely, it’s been a good flight. The great news is when you get off the plane, you get to take home the best souvenir on earth: Read more