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1476380877302‘I was radioactive’: What it’s like to get treated for thyroid cancer:

The technician had on a heavy lead apron, a surgical mask, and gloves. He opened a locked container with a hazard stamp on it and removed a clear orange prescription pill bottle. Next, he pinched the pill between tweezers, placed it in a small paper cup, and handed it over to me. “Ready?” he asked. I looked at him like he was a crazy person for expecting me to ingest what he was so cautiously avoiding. But taking I-131 was hopefully the last step of treatment for thyroid cancer: Read more


image-of-the-thyroid-gland-in-the-bodyThyroid Storm: What You Need to Know:

Without treatment for overactive thyroid problems, people can develop serious health problems. These can include heart problems, weak and brittle bones, and even death. Thyroid storm is a rare but life-threatening condition that can occur if hyperthyroidism is not treated. Thyroid storm can occur in any patient with untreated hyperthyroidism. It is generally brought on by stressful situations such as trauma, surgery, or a severe infection. Thyroid storm is a severe form of having too much thyroid hormone in the body. It can lead to heart failure and a buildup of fluid in the lungs: Read more


headaches-thyroidSevere Headaches May Increase the Risk of a Thyroid Condition:

Sufferers of migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches or other headache disorders are at greater risk of developing a thyroid condition called hypothyroidism, according to a study by University of Cincinnati College of Medicine researchers. The study, “Headache Disorders May Be a Risk Factor for the Development of New Onset Hypothyroidism” is currently available in the online edition of Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain. Hypothyroidism occurs when the body can’t make sufficient thyroid hormone causing individuals to suffer from mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, constipation and irregular menstrual cycles: Read more

thyroid-720Got a Thyroid Tumor? Most Should Be Left Alone.:

The result has been overdiagnosis. It happens with all cancer screening, but has been most apparent with thyroid cancer. And treatment is not benign. Once doctors find a tiny nodule, removing the thyroid is often the remedy. But the procedure carries lifelong consequences: Patients must take thyroid hormones for the rest of their lives, and for some, those hormones are not completely effective. Patients can feel depressed and sluggish because their levels are too low: Read more

imaIncreasing incidence of thyroid cancer in past three decades:

More physical examinations, ultrasounds and CT scans mean that small nodules are easier to find, but Goldenberg said if over diagnosis were the sole issue, the rise would only be in smaller thyroid cancers. “While there certainly has been a rise in smaller cancers, there has also been a rise in the incidence of larger tumors, which doesn’t support the theory,” he said: Read more