Top News: #Dementia

Here are the top read news for #Dementia:

18009High blood pressure may hike dementia risk:

High blood pressure, particularly in middle age, might open the door to dementia, the American Heart Association warns in a new scientific statement: Read more





ap_03100701524-1024x576Hormone therapy for prostate cancer associated with greater risk of dementia:

The retrospective study, published in JAMA Oncology Thursday, analyzed almost a decade’s worth of medical records and found that men with prostate cancer who are treated with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) are twice as likely to develop dementia, including Alzheimer’s, within five years, compared to prostate cancer patients who do not receive testosterone-lowering therapies: Read more



istock_000009340652small9 Myths You Might Think Are True About Statins — Busted: Myth 4: Statins cause cognitive dysfunction or dementia:

On the contrary, recent studies show that statins create a protective effect from cognitive dysfunction or dementia with long-term use. In 2012, the FDA changed the drug label for statins to include a warning: Memory loss and confusion have been reported with statin use. These reported events were generally not serious and went away once the drug was no longer being taken, but confusion on this issue remains. More recent studies have looked at dementia and cognitive changes and found that statins may be beneficial and can prevent dementia – especially with long-term use: Read more


home-ventilatorVentilator use surges for nursing home residents with dementia:

The number of nursing home residents with advanced dementia who get hooked up to breathing machines has roughly doubled in recent years even though this doesn’t appear to help them live longer, a US study suggests: Read more




dolls1again_custom-320250ff327913826897e40e82f1bab40673c627-s1100-c15Doll Therapy May Help Calm People With Dementia, But It Has Critics:

Doll therapy is catching on at nursing homes and other senior facilities across the country. It’s used to help ease anxiety among residents with dementia, who can experience personality changes, agitation and aggression. But the therapy is controversial. Supporters say the dolls can lessen distress, improve communication and reduce the need for psychotropic medication. Critics say the dolls are demeaning and infantilize seniors: Read more