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eyebrow-tintingEyebrow and Eyelash Coloring Could Harm Your Vision:

According to Academy spokesperson Purnima Patel, MD, both eyebrow and eyelash tinting pose health dangers because they are so close to the eye. These treatments could cause problems with the eyes and affect vision. “People can develop sensitivities with repeated exposure,” Dr. Patel said. “In addition, formulations may change over time. It is possible to have a reaction even if you have tolerated a dye without issue in the past”: Read more



Puffy swollen eye8 Reasons for Your Swollen Eye or Eyelid – how to treat it yourself, and when to see a doctor:

Typically, any eye swelling — especially in your upper or lower eyelid — is just an uncomfortable annoyance that goes away on its own within 24 hours. However, if the swelling remains longer, it’s important to treat it because some problems can quickly damage your eyes. “Any swelling that lasts longer than 24 to 48 hours should send you to an eye care professional because there are times it can be something severe that can blind you,” says ophthalmologist Annapurna Singh, MD: Read more


eyeIs more, better? Finding the balance between nutritional supplements and eye health:

While AREDS2 supplements are recommended to patients at higher risk for AMD, there has also been increased use in the general population. Bernstein’s advice for his patients is that “everyone should eat an ‘eye-healthy’ diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, and individuals should take an AREDS2 supplement if their ophthalmologist detects signs of AMD”: Read more



csm_fotolia_38995419_xl_185c3ea6d2Cortisol-free rheumatoid arthritis medication also works for rare eye disease:

“We were able to prospectively demonstrate for the very first time that non-infectious uveitis can also be successfully treated with a cortisol-free medication. That will significantly improve the management of uveitis patients who have only partially responded to corticosteroids, need a corticosteroid sparing therapy or who are unsuitable for treatment with corticosteroids,” explains Barisani-Asenbauer. The biologic medication adalimumab has long been used to treat rheumatic diseases and has to be injected subcutaneously every two weeks. For sufferers, steroid-free means there are fewer side-effects, so that it can be used over a longer period of time: Read more


eyedropsWoman Puts E-Cig Liquid in Her Eye After Mistaking It for Eyedrops:

The woman immediately realized her mistake. The e-cig liquid caused “instant [eye] pain, redness and blurred vision,” according to the brief report, published Oct. 13 as a letter in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology. The woman quickly washed out her eye with water and went to an emergency eye clinic, the authors wrote. She brought along the bottle of the e-cig liquid to show the doctors, according to the report. She told the doctors that she had stored the e-cig refill liquid in her medicine cabinet beside the antibiotic eye drops: Read more