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three-protein-shakes-in-glasses-with-strawsAre Protein Shakes OK for People with Diabetes?:

To find a good RTD protein shake for people with diabetes, first look at the sugar content. Try to avoid those with added sugar. Some RTD shakes can have 30 or more grams of added sugars. People with diabetes can always add their own sweetener to the shake so they can control the sugar content. Adding whole fruit gives some good fiber and sweetness naturally. Berries, bananas, and other soft fruits can be added easily to premade shakes. Next, people with diabetes should look at the ingredients. Many protein shakes have artificial sweeteners, refined oils, artificial colors, and flavorings. It is best to steer clear of ingredients that are not recognizable as food: Read more


acesitcs-1215614rBerry wine, minus the alcohol, may offer help for those with diabetes:

Producing this berry wine, complete with the benefits of fermentation but without the alcohol, provides an opportunity for wine makers, de Mejia says. “There are some bigger wineries/companies that are producing dealcoholized wine for diabetics, but from grapes. It is available in California, for example.  I think the novelty of this work is mainly the combination of the blackberries and blueberries and the concentration of anthocyanins as part of the pigment. But it is perfectly doable and I hope that companies can see that there is a market. And it’s delicious,” she adds: Read more


Sources of Omega-3 acid (salmon, shrimps, Omega-3 pills)If You Have Diabetes, Can Omega-3s Protect Your Eyes? Studies find regular consumption may reduce retinopathy:

More common among Hispanics and those over age 65, diabetic retinopathy occurs when blood vessels in the eyes swell and leak, or when abnormal cells grow on the retina and eventually block your vision. As more people develop type 2 diabetes — and generally live longer — researchers are looking for a way to stave off retinopathy. One good way is to keep blood sugar levels under control. And research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids, from food sources like fish and nuts and from supplements, are a powerful protector against this eye condition: Read more


hypoSigns and impact of hypos:

For people with diabetes, some of the symptoms in relation to mild hypoglycemia, such as hunger, sweating, irritability or headaches for example, can often be misinterpreted as they can often manifest for many other reasons. There have been some more severe cases, whereby people with diabetes have become very disoriented, and have been mistaken by people for being drunk and stumbling in the street: Read more


57349beec5bbbDiabetes study finds that cutting nerves to the kidneys improves insulin resistance:

“The kidneys and the liver are signaling each other in order to set healthy levels of sugar in the body,” said Bergman, the study’s principal investigator. “When we didn’t cut those lines of communication between the two organs, the liver overproduced glucose in the animals on a high-fat diet,” Researchers say the next step is to pinpoint the most effective method for surgically silencing nerves in the kidneys of humans to begin investigating the procedure’s potential for treating diabetic patient: Read more