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exposure_to_e_cigarette_vapor_destroys_large_number_of_mouth_cells_m6Exposure to e-cigarette vapor destroys large number of mouth cells:

“Contrary to what one might think, e-cigarette vapor isn’t just water,” explains Dr. Rouabhia. “Although it doesn’t contain tar compounds like regular cigarette smoke, it exposes mouth tissues and the respiratory tract to compounds produced by heating the vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine aromas in e-cigarette liquid.”: Read more



afp_a91y3Kids believe e-cigs less dangerous than cigarettes:

“E-cigarette safety continues to be debated by public health experts,” said Stephen M. Amrock of Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, lead author of a study that analyzed attitudes about e-cigarettes. “U.S. youth may not be wrong that e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes, but such a view captures only half the story,” Amrock said by email. “Less harmful does not equate with no harm.”: Read more



CHEST_sig_horiz_Register_rgbDivided perception of e-cigarettes among chest medicine clinicians:

More than two-thirds of the 773 respondents perceive e-cigarettes to be harmful. Opinion is split evenly about whether e-cigarettes effectively promote smoking cessation. While most respondents reported that their patients asked for a professional opinion about e-cigarettes, many providers reported they are not comfortable discussing health effects of these products: Read more


2fbcd24f0-de41-4951-9abc-4ab2ff573bddSevere burns, injuries from e-cigarette explosions go under-reported across the country:

“There’s a flame component to the burn injury, but there’s also a chemical component,” said Felicia Williams, MD, assistant professor of surgery at the UNC School of Medicine, member of the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center, and co-author of the editorial.  “We fear that trauma centers may not be aware of the severe nature of these burns. Patients need optimal long-term management to ensure wound-healing occurs from both components.”: Read more


roswell-logo-1200xx1200-676-0-64E-Cigarette Research: Flavorings and Higher Voltage Increase Toxicity of E-Cigs:

Roswell Park Cancer Institute scientists report that several flavorings added to electronic cigarettes impact the toxicity of the devices and that, among the tested flavors, strawberry was the most toxic. The researchers also confirmed an earlier finding that increasing the battery output voltage of these devices significantly increases toxicity. The study has been published online ahead of print in the journal Tobacco Control: Read more