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laughing-toddler-by-bridget-coila-702x336Toddlers with autism don’t avoid eye contact, but do miss its significance:

A new study conducted by researchers at Marcus Autism Center, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Emory University School of Medicine helps put to rest a longstanding controversy and question about children with autism spectrum disorder. Eye-tracking measures developed by the group demonstrate that young children with autism do not avoid eye contact on purpose; instead, they miss the significance of social information in others’ eyes. While reduced eye contact is a well-known symptom of autism used in early screeners and diagnostic instruments, why children with autism look less at other people’s eyes has not been known. New research, reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry, helps answer that question: Read more


lead_960What Grandmothers Can Teach Science About Autism:

Because these women have had children with autism, they are primed to see signs of it in the next generation. “They’re very invested in their grandchildren—they’re watching their grandchildren, interacting with them, and they’re good raters of their grandchildren’s behavior,” says Constantino, professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at Washington University in St. Louis. “Ignorance is no match for an army of grandmas”: Read more



imaStudy findings could help healthcare workers identify undiagnosed adults struggling with ASD:

Approximately 1.5 percent of all U.S. adults (about 4.8 million) are believed to have ASD, with many attempting to self-diagnose. A new study in the journal Archives of Psychiatric Nursing explores the experiences of this oft-ignored population to help adults struggling with the neurodevelopmental disorder and help healthcare workers identify adults with ASD before they become depressed or harm themselves: Read more


yerys-benjamin-180x240Children with Autism May Be Over-diagnosed with ADHD:

A well-established screening tool used to assess children for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be less accurate when a child has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Pediatric researchers report that children with ASD may mistakenly be diagnosed with ADHD because they have autism-related social impairments rather than problems with attention. This is important for understanding what are the right services and treatments for a child: Read more



20autism14-superjumboAlong the Autism Spectrum, a Path Through Campus Life:

The first generation of college students with an autism diagnosis is fanning out to campuses across the country. These growing numbers reflect the sharp rise in diagnosis rates since the 1990s, as well as the success of early-learning interventions and efforts to include these students in mainstream activities. But while these young adults have opportunities that could not have been imagined had they been born even a decade earlier, their success in college is still a long shot: Read more